We are NOBA, The Business Prototyping Company.

We support companies and entrepreneurs in launching new products, services and business models.


Welcome to Business Prototyping

We are an innovation firm that supports companies in designing and launching new products, services and business models. 

We develop preliminary sample businesses to test concepts and quickly transform them into efficient, ready-for-market ventures.

By drawing upon the best of what we’ve learned from working with lean startups, agile methods and rapid prototyping, we’ve developed an efficient approach that jives seamlessly with your team’s workflow.

From an opportunity to a validated business ready to scale

We drive different stages of the innovation process; from discovering new opportunities, testing them in a real market context to setting up and operating a new business before transferring it to scale.

Business Objective

Operating Business

Discovery & Definition
Field Testing
Minimum Viable Business

Services for Companies

We support companies to build and launch new products and services that enhance their roster.

Discovery & Definition

Identify opportunities, define a value proposition, business model and key features to generate value.

Field Experiments

Obtain metrics and insights to validate concepts, explore problem-solution / product-market fit or customer experience.

Minimum Viable Business

Build initial version of the product / service and required operations and launch in the market to validate viability.

Innovation Strategy

Determine the aim and focus areas for the innovation portfolio and the role of the different company units.

Innovation Management

Set up, manage and operate the innovation funnel efficiently to maximize return.

Capability Building and Intrapreneurship

Upskill employees and enhance company culture through trainings and hands-on projects with the help of our coaches.

Business Design sprint

Ideate and design new products, services or business models through a structured series of workshops with internal teams.


Define and test new concepts in one or more markets through online campaigns to understand desirability and target profile.


Engage with our community of early adopters to get quick insights on a new idea or test a new product in a real setting.

Companies we work with​

Services for Entrepreneurs

We support individuals and visionary teams by turning their ideas into successful real-life businesses.

Opportunity mapping

We dive deep in the market to determine Where to Play (territories) and ideate How to win (solutions).

Business definition

We understand how to generate and capture value by developing the value proposition, business models and key hypotheses to be tested in the market.


We build prototypes of the business idea and test them in the market to validate desirability, feasibility and viability.


Drive growth and continuous improvement of the business to optimize and maximize the generation of value.