NOBA Ventures

We are NOBA, The Business Prototyping Company.

We support companies and entrepreneurs in launching new products, services and business models.


Welcome to Business Prototyping

We are an innovation firm that supports companies in designing and launching new products, services and business models. 

We develop preliminary sample businesses to test concepts and quickly transform them into efficient, ready-for-market ventures.

By drawing upon the best of what we’ve learned from working with lean startups, agile methods and rapid prototyping, we’ve developed an efficient approach that jives seamlessly with your team’s workflow.

From an opportunity to a validated business ready to scale

We drive different stages of the innovation process; from discovering new opportunities, testing them in a real market context to setting up and operating a new business before transferring it to scale.

Business Objective

Operating Business

Discovery & Definition
Field Testing
Minimum Viable Business

Services for Companies

We help companies design and launch new products and services, accelerating time-to-market and de-risking investments.

Discovery & Definition

Market and trends analysis

Consumer research

Market sizing

Value propositions ideation

Business model

Business Validation

Real market testing


Burner brand creation

On-line concept validation

Customer experience test (on/off-line)

Business case

Business Build & Launch


Product development

Go-to-market strategy

Business launch

Operations management

Roadmap to scale

Companies we work with​


NOBA Academy

We share our prototyping methodology through trainings and hands-on sessions for companies, accelerators and business schools.


Business Prototyping Sparks

Inspirational talk that fuels entrepreneurial spirit, empowering your team to fearlessly explore new ideas, iterate rapidly and unlock the true potential of business endeavors.


Business Design Course

Upskill employees and introduce new ways of working that incorporate agile and lean methodologies.


Business Prototyping Sprint

Accelerate the journey to innovation with Business Prototyping tools with the help of our coaches.


Intrapreneurship Program

Provide internal talent with the opportunity to have an entrepreneurial experience through an incubation program combining training, mentorship and hands-on work.

We have trained





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Give us a little bit of information about your project and we will contact you soon with a tailored test plan for you!

*inNOBAtors: Our most precious asset, a highly qualified pool of early-adopters; non-incentivised, ready to give their opinion and eager to try innovative products.

Get in touch!

Give us a little bit of information about your project and we will contact you soon with a tailored test plan for you!