Business Prototyping Techniques Cards

Business Prototyping Techniques Cards


As Steve Blank, the founder of the Lean Startup Movement, once said, “No business plan survives first contact with the customer.”

The question becomes: do I need to build my business before realizing it’s not what customers need?

Business Prototyping can provide an answer to that question. This approach – a set of tools, techniques, and above all, a mindset – will help you understand the potential of your business before your product or service is fully built. The key is to gather insights to make data-driven decisions and increase traction every step of the way.

But what works to validate one business in one situation might not help in another. We have put together a deck of Business Prototyping techniques to help you choose the next step in your journey from various options.

Each card shows what type of assumptions each technique is best suited to validate and estimates the investment required. While all techniques can be used for different goals, we highlight the task they are best suited to accomplish. Also, each provides a link to an example of how this technique has been implemented.

We hope you enjoy and use these cards to accelerate your “first contact with the customer.”

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The NOBA team.

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NOBA Business Prototyping Cards
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