We launch businesses that customers care about — and we have a blast while doing so.

At NOBA, we believe innovation is more than just technology, intelligence or research. It’s a mindset that drives everything we do, from identifying our customers’ priorities to developing real-life solutions that solve their most pressing challenges.

Since 2017, we’ve grown from a team of two to an agency of over two dozen people from all corners of the world, who work together hybrid-style in our Barcelona offices. Our team comes from a wide range of backgrounds in strategy, marketing, operations, and more — a potent combination of diverse entrepreneurial profiles that has proven to be critical to our success.

We rely on responsive and iterative testing to drive positive change through Business Prototyping, a methodology that draws upon the mindset, process, tools, and techniques of Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile. We provide an opportunity and environment to test & iterate a concept before scaling it up for a vast selection of industries — from food to fitness, cosmetics to carpentry, and so much more.

Purpose obsession

We don’t just execute — we look for the “so what” that brings us closer to what the market actually demands. We use experiments to drive us closer to our end goal.

Data knows best

We all have opinions, but the market has the answer. We put our assumptions to test and rely on insights and analytics to make decisions.

We lead the way

We are always one step ahead to avoid being two steps behind. 

Speed through 80/20

Speed is about compromise. For quicker results, we focus on the 20% of the efforts that generate 80% of the value.

Relay race to the finish

We are 100% accountable for the task. We run a Quality Check before passing the baton to the next teammate.

T’s vs. I’s

We are all the best at something, but we don’t let silos get in the way. We cover more ground, like a “T” vs. a vertical “I.”

We figure it out

Some tasks aren’t obvious. We make the best use of creativity, tools, and connections.

We challenge

If we believe something isn’t working right, we don’t just assume it has to be this way. We raise our hand and suggest better alternatives.

We Impact


GELLIFY is a global innovation factory that integrates strategy, design & Technology, supporting companies’ growth from vision to execution through it’s “purple way”. GELLIFY helps organizations implement new business models, technology roadmaps, digital strategies & products, powered by its portfolio of B2B software assets.

Diverse backgrounds, unified mission.

Meet our crew of Business Prototypers, a team of thinkers and doers who come from 3 different continents and speak 8 different languages.

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If you want to be part of our team, drop us a line at jobs@nobaventures.com

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*inNOBAtors: Our most precious asset, a highly qualified pool of early-adopters; non-incentivised, ready to give their opinion and eager to try innovative products.

Get in touch!

Give us a little bit of information about your project and we will contact you soon with a tailored test plan for you!