Business Prototyping Handbook​


A practical guide covering the essentials to launch your business and increase your chances of success, and a deck of Business Prototyping cards.

Who Is This For?

Our goal is to support entrepreneurs (and intrapreneurs, we see you too!) who are either just getting started or are already well along their way in their innovation journey.

The components of our handbook — and most importantly, the mindset it encourages — are meant to help you navigate through great uncertainty and come out on top.

We also included our deck of Business Prototyping techniques to help you choose the next step in your journey from various options.

Each card shows what type of assumptions each technique is best suited to validate and estimates the investment required. While all techniques can be used for different goals, we highlight the task they are best suited to accomplish. Also, each provides a link to an example of how this technique has been implemented.

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