What if this was my startup

We are driven by a set of values that have proven to be critical to the success of our ventures

The Tyson rule

We can chat all we want, but the market has the answer. Speed to market and data-based decisions are the drivers.

The 80/20 rule

We proactively think of how we could improve, while understanding that it’s better to sacrifice perfection so we can focus on the 20% of the efforts that generate 80% of the value. Full speed ahead!

Purpose obsession

We don’t just execute, but understand how it impacts the purpose. Impacting the core business? New revenue stream? Incremental? Disruptive? We find out.

All-in teamwork

We work hard and play hard. We understand that if we drop the ball our teammates pay for it. They need us to play at our best — and radical candour can help us get there.

“We” challenge

If we believe something isn’t working right, we don’t just assume it has to be this way. We raise our hand and suggest better alternatives.