Code of Conduct

NOBA's Code of Conduct


Innovation is hard. The terrain is unmapped, and a set of strict rules are of no use when facing uncertainty.

After years of battling it out in rough waters, we distilled the most important values in NOBA’s Code of Conduct*, together with the NOBA Purpose’. These values are signed when a new person joins the NOBA team, and when starting off with a new client. It is a code we use to navigate our day-to-day and has proven tremendously useful when growing as a company.

This Code of Conduct is also visibly present in our office, in large posters, to keep these values top-of-mind.

Now, you can enjoy them too! In the download link below, you will be able to access a poster-sized version.

Thank you dearly,

The NOBA team.

*Inspired by the Code of Conduct from our good friends, Brainstore, who in turn have been inspired by the Code of Conduct of Pirates.

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NOBA's Code of Conduct
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